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Pure Mineral Shades: Root Concealer

Whether you are trying to cover up grey or simply touch up dark roots, you can rest easy with Pure Mineral Shades Root Concealer. It is 100% natural crushed minerals from the earth.

Our Pure Mineral Shades Root Concealer is natural. It is made from 100% natural minerals from the earth. We produce only the best possible quality products that are healthy for the skin and body. Our products are proudly made in America, so by purchasing them, you are contributing to helping our country grow.


Just like applying eyeshadow or mineral makeup, you simply use the all natural brush and apply the minerals to your problem area. You control the amount and placement of the minerals. Nothing could be easier.

All Natural

100% crushed pure minerals from the earth.

Never Worry

Never have to worry about endangering your skin or body.

Easy Brush

The brush is easy to use and applies accurately where you want it.

Full Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty.

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